Current shows and events! (click here!) - updated 4/08/24

Rest in Peace Mars Williams (1955 - 2023) Friday April 19th: Devin Gray (percussion), Russ Johnson (Trumpet) and Mark Feldman (Violin) at The Sugar Maple, 7 pm. Sunday, April 28: The Bridge featuring Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone), Tim Stine (guitar), CĂ©line Rivoal (accordion), Katie Ernst (double bass, voice), and Sylvain LemĂȘtre (percussion) @ The Woodland Pattern 7pm. Friday May 3rd: John Dikeman (reeds), Nicolas Field (drums) and Thomas Florin (piano) @ The Sugar Maple, 7 pm. Sunday June 2nd: Wheelhouse w/ Dave Rempis, Jason Adasiewicz and Nate McBride at The Sugar Maple, 4 pm. Thursday June 6th: Fred Moten (voice) and Brandon Lopez (double bass) @ The Woodland Pattern 7pm. Thursday June 27th: Caroline Davis (reeds) and Wendy Eisenberg (guitar) at The Sugar Maple, 7 pm. Saturday July 20th: microplastique at The Sugar Maple, 7 pm. (Ben Zucker - pocket trumpet, toy piano, accordion, percussion; Molly Jones - soprano saxophone, toy piano, accordion, percus