Music is an obsession and a passion.

1. Alternating Currents Radio Show

I host a Radio Show in Milwaukee called Alternating Currents on WMSE 91.7 FM.

Here's a link to my playlists: Szocik Playlists

All the shows are available to stream within the WMSE Alternating Currents website and are archived by date.

2. Gospel, Soul and Blues

These genres are of great interest to me as well. I occasionally host other free forms show on WMSE are air these areas of music.
Feel free to visit this Swing Low Sweet Chariot for a direct arcvhive to the playlists and streams of these shows!

3. Frank Zappa and the Mother of Invention

Every Mother Day and Franksgiving (Thanksgiving) since 2015 I have hosted a show dedicated to Frank and his amazing music.

Here is a link Zappa Show Archive to revisit all of these shows!

4. Interviews

Here are some interviews I've had with Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermark, Dweezil Zappa and Peter J. Woods.

Szocik Music Interviews

5. Just on my own

And finally, here's what I've been listening to digitally outside of radio when I'm not spinning records, CDs and Cassettes. Last FM Account yeah my username is lines :)


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